Thursday, January 26, 2012

Allwinner A10 LiveSuit Flashing Software

I've noticed that on some firmware downloads for Allwinner A10 devices that need to be flashed with the LiveSuit flash tool, sometimes the necessary USB-drivers are missing :-(

If you are having this problem, try this version of the LiveSuit flashing software: LiveSuit Flashing Software

Edit: If your image file (whatever.img) includes some Chinenese characters, it can help to rename it, if the LiveSuit software is causing trouble :-)


  1. hi colonel, just like 1 of the posters, i have setup up eveything to update the v1 for my Onda but nothing happens when i press menu button, plug in cable and press power button :( i am pressing the menu button real hard but nothing is happening

    1. hi colonel, i have this fixed already, so pls ignored :)

  2. How did you fix it? I am having similar problems with an OEM unit. They sent Phoenix USB but that isn't working either :(