Thursday, January 26, 2012

B63M Phone - Full Market Access (including paid apps).

The B63M phone seems to have the problem that paid apps can't be downloaded from the Android Market.
I modified the build.prob a little and wrote a little script to push in on the phone:

B63M Market Fix

Your phone needs to on and set to the USB-debugging mode (settings - applications - development - USB debugging). Your phone needs to be recognized as an ADB-device by your pc. If you are missing the drivers, sometimes it helps to install PDANet first.

Run the fullmarket.bat then re-boot the phone. If the script doesn't work, you can also copy and replace the build.prob manually (with the root explorer, for example). As always,



  1. Hi Colonel,
    Do you recommend this phone?
    Which Android version is available for it?

    Best Regards.

    1. Hi :-)

      I really can't tell you, I only had this phone for a couple of days. People seem to like it a lot but I also read that some people are having problems with the accuracy of the GPS.

    2. I bought this phone and I like it a lot. The GPS issue, I am not sure but it could be the SW manufacturers. I am currently using Mireo and it takes me where I want to go, right to the front door. I tried to give Sygic a try but it takes forever to lock to the satellites, if it ever locks, even though you can see that all the satellites are seen. It could be that I have not paid for it, using trial, but it is hard to pay US$20 just to see if it works. They should give you a full try out. Copilot I have not tried it based on bad reviews.

  2. Any one that you recommend other than this one?