Monday, March 5, 2012

M99 Google 4S+ Phone - How to Install an Alternative Keyboard Tutorial

I hope the video explains it all :-)


  1. Thanks Keep bringing the help & tips :)

  2. Hi! Can you tell me it has 256 or 512 Mb RAM? On the fastcardtech said it has 512!? On the prev. video u said this phone is made of plastic, right? I really like this phone, but if u had one you know everything about this baby!
    Your blog so cool anyway!
    THX for help

    1. Thanks :-)
      Yes, it is plastic and I believe it only has 256MB RAM.

    2. THX for the rapid answer! :D
      Which iphone 4 clone do you recomend to me? My needs: MT6573 CPU and the phone runs smoothly.
      Fruits Phone 4S?
      Sophone 4S V4S?
      Gphone f27?
      Or the best Gooaplle v6?
      Did you try these phones?

    3. I wish I knew! I'm hoping to get my hands on a Gphone F27 soon, I'm really curious about the retina display :-)

  3. Anyway, do you recomend th m99? I want to get my emails and another tiny apps with the iphone look

    1. I think it's a nice phone, as long as you don't expect to get anything like a REAL iPhone, I think it's worth it's money :-)

  4. Hi Colonel,
    Greetings from Argentina!
    Nice blog you have here....
    I read with great attention your comments about the M99. I wish it had 3G like the GooApple 3G, but the price of the retina ones are much more expensive,. Today I tried to buy the VI40 at but it is for pre order only. Do you know who else might have it at $200? Or perhaps which other tablet, 10", can I buy with the sandwich?
    Thank you Colonel!!!

  5. I have a problem. I received my m99 recently. I rooted it, fix android market application like it was shown in your blog here -
    But then I noticed that my keyboard disappeared, maybe I deleted something wrong from system/app via root explorer =), so now I don't have a keyboard.
    I downloaded one (Gingerbread keyboard) as apk and installed it in my phone.
    I go to Settings -> General ->International(Language&Keybard settings). In Keyboard Settings I see "Gingerbread keyboard", but Input method is empty, when you try to Select Input Method you can't choose it because list is empty.
    I read some articles how to install keyboard on rooted phones (you have to do it from boot in recovery). I tried to install zip file of keyboard from boot
    in recovery but it failes because no signature verification of course.

    Any suggestions? Or wait ROM from FastCardTech?
    P.S.: Life is not so easy when you don't have a keyboard on your phone, hehe.
    Can't search, can't sms=) only call

    P.S no2.: Is it possible to change UI (launcher change only icons, desktop) of buttons, lists, Phone, Contacts and etc. It's very dark and I can't see what is written + I don't like dial-up buttons of Iphone style.
    Thank you very much in advance for any help, sorry for my english.

    1. Hi :-) It sounds like you have deleted the system keyboard?
      Check this out:

      Those are all the system apps, I'm GUESSING what you need to do is to copy the:

      PinyinIME.apk and

      into the system/app folder of your phone, just like you did with the other apps for the market fix. Re-boot your phone and hope it's working.

      As for you P.S. No2: I wouldn't know how to change this, those are all part of the firmware.

    2. Thank you for your reply) But ahhh I already downloaded new rom from here and reflashed it, so now keyboard is working, need to root again. hehe...
      Anyway thank you very much for help and for you blog, for me (I'm girl =) only blogs and forums can help with my stupid questions or problems)

  6. Hi Colonel Zap and all users of M99.
    I ordered 1 piece of M99 and it is a great phone
    but it came without Market app and I went to browser
    and downloaded so many versions of the Market app
    bu NO luck, it did not work?
    Finally at a forum discussing M99 I found a Market app:
    vending.apk and put in os the SD card, installed and it WORKED!

    Also the installed keyboard will not rotate even if
    Autorotate is chosen in Settings?
    So I downloaded "Go SMS Pro" and language packs and
    its a super SMS app I promise you with great setting options!

    Also the Calendar did not accept"Add new event"
    and the "You dont have a calendar" appeared when clicking +
    in the upper right corner?

    I didnt root the phone but I installed these files:
    vending.apk(Market app M99 from forum internet)
    I also installed the 2 files:

    Then I found this great app: Fix Permissions
    (Stephen Stericson) and managed to fix permissions(noo root)
    of these 2 files and Voilá: The Calendar worked to Add New!

    Hope this will help someone who maybe dont want to root M99?
    Regards and thank you for great site Colonel!
    Anders.E Sweden

    1. Thank you so much for the info :-)

      Have you seen this?

  7. Could you upload that file ( to somewhere else ('cos im not strong in chinese language :D ). Thats th original rom of the m99?

    1. I did :-)

  8. ello!

    I have a problem with my Chinese Phone M98 Google 4GS+. I installed Android 2.2.1. over my original ROM and now I don't have Iphone style User Interface...

    Where can I download original or newer ROM for this phone with Iphone User Interface???
    Or maybe there is another way to get the full iPhone style UI ????

    Please help me.

    1. M98 iPhone UI
      available contact:

    2. Hi again!
      A great keyboard app option to install:
      Keyboard from Android 2.3
      (Steven Lin)

      Has great options like settings size of keyboard
      and many languages possible!
      Download from Google Play Free!
      Regards Anders

  9. Hi!
    I just got my M99. For the first look was OK, but now there is some problem with the touchscreen - it is "clicking" alone (detecting click when I do not touch the screen).
    I cleaned the screen with alcohol, and make factory reset but still doing it.
    Any idea what should I do, try?

    1. Is that happening all the time or just when you have the charger connected? I know this from other devices, it's coming from the cheap chargers. You can also try to wrap the phone in aluminium foil and then "ground" by holding it to a radiator.

  10. Hi!
    No it was happening all the time.
    It is coming when the device is hot.
    It happened when I was charging and using meantime the device as WIFI hotspot (charger, SIM data, WIFI hotspot). Had a lot of apps running meantime.
    I made a factory reset uninstalled all soft. The device is not hot and now seems to be OK.
    Is it normal for such a device?

    1. I never used this phone much, so I can't tell you if this is "normal".

    2. From differet forum got this answer ... form emard:
      "It might be a small bug in Wifi suppression system, just check if you turned off WiFi or 2G before going away from any WiFi AP. It is WiFi radio starting and going off periodically searching for possible networks that jerks the screen and doing other poltergeist. This does not happen when you have your WiFi reliably connected to your home router AP or any other nearby station. Try to keep WiFi and 2G out when you surely are away from any APs. Working with 2G only even with GPRS preference on will make WiFi wake now and then."
      ... will test

    3. Wow, thanks for the info! I had no idea.

  11. I just bought an M99 and I find the keyboard doesn't go into landscape mode when entering SMS messages. I installed an alternative keyboard and that doesn't help. Auto Rotate is enabled and it works in other areas of the phone, but not when entering text messages.

    Is there a way to enable this???

    1. That has something to do with the sms app, try to install a different sms client like "go sms".

    2. Thanks, installed Go SMS and it works much better than the supplied one.