Sunday, April 1, 2012

HDC i9100 Galaxy SIII MT6573 How to Overclock Tutorial

The Phone: CLICK

I think the video pretty much explains it all :-)

Download the Mobile Uncle MTK tool HERE

Good luck and remember: YOU ARE DOING THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK


  1. Hi again ColonelZap!

    Do you know how to update firmware for this
    model HDC i9100 Galaxy S III ?

    I have new firmware for this model on my computer
    but is it possible to do this like on HDC A9100
    with firmware file from the SD CARD ?

    There is noone who can tell how to do it?

    Please reply?

    I can send you the firmware by link if you need it?
    Anders Sweden

    1. This is extremely interesting! Please post the link for everyone.

  2. Does somebody know how to root this phone?

    Thank you in advance.

  3. Hi
    I too cannot root this phone (single sim version). The adb is locked out for most function so it can only be done via the com port usb preloader I guess but this only gives a momentary on off on my PC. I think it may require a special cable maybe the Colonel could advice us on this.
    I have tried to read through the Russian forum's but it's very difficult & takes such a long time translating everything to English also I don't want to brick the phone because I misunderstand the instructions.

    Would this work?? Can it be Done??
    I think the easy way would be for someone to modify an original update ROM then repack it for us to flash via the phone. I would try this but I/we would need an original update zip and folder or am I missing something.

    Please Please Advise us Colonel I think you are our only hope.

    1. Hi :-) I don't think I can help but with a little luck Super One Click Root might do the job? I don't know, have you tried it?

    2. Hi Colonel,
      Thanks for the reply. I have tried One Click method all versions with no luck. I think it tries to root via the adb shell which is locked for the most part on this phone/firmware. I have managed to read the mtd table with adb shell and create a scatter file but this is as far as I can get.
      If I had the original ROM I could maybe cook the recovery.img in android kitchen and flash it back via the update app on the phone if it can be fooled into thinking its a original update. With a custom recovery the phone should communicate adb shell access for easy rooting. I Do not know if this would work or not because I am pretty new at all this but i will give anything a try.