Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Zopo ZP100 : Or Why I Like Android - QHD DUALSIM Phone

In this video you will see:

Launcher Pro

SPB Shell 3D

Espier Launcher

Claystone Launcher and
TSF Shell

Phone review video: CLICK


  1. Hi Colonel
    Great video.
    Till now, what is the most performant android phone you've tested and that you'd recommend.

    1. Hi and thanks :-)

      I think all the new MT6575 phones perform pretty much the same. It doesn't make much of difference if it's a Zopo ZP100, an IHTC One X or a Lenovo A750 phone. Those are the three MT6575 phones I had so far.

      Well, the A750 seems to score SLIGHTLY higer in some benchmark tests, that's because it has a lower screen resolution than the other two phones.

  2. I'm very interested in these phones but can't find any information on things that are important for use as a phone e.g.
    Ringer volume
    Vibration effectiveness
    Real standby time
    RF sensitivity (in weak signal areas)

    Can you help?

    1. Hi :-) Not really?!?
      The ringer volume is quite loud
      Vibration I would say "normal"
      Standby is tough to say. I charged it last night, about 18 hours later the battery is at 88% but I haven't done much with the phone in that time.

      I don't know how well the RE sensitivity really is, my 3G network is very weak where I live but the GSM reception is very good. I don't know how it is in weaker areas, I live right in a city :-)

  3. I am between the ZOPO 100 and the IHTC One x. What about build quality? Which one would you recommend?

    1. They are almost identical. I like the ZP100 slightly better because it has a notication LED on the front that the One X doesn't have. Other than that, just go for the design you like better :-)

  4. How about battery life. It is reported that the MT6575 are real drainers....

    1. I really can't tell you. I only use one simcard, charged it last night, approx. 21,5 hours later it's at 86%. Didn't do much in that time, mostely just standby.

  5. Hi Zap,

    I'm looking to buy a new phone. Can you make a top from: ZTE Skate, Zopo ZP100, IHTC One X and Lenovo A750. Feel free to add other recommendations.


  6. Hello,

    Any general impressions on ZP100 FM radio capabilities from anybody? I'd appreciate a short summary, a few screen shots or link.

    Thanks a lot

  7. Hello ColonelZap, Could you please post some photos taken at night with the ZP100?

  8. great blog ^^,
    you don't have twitter account ?

    ps: Sorry for my english, I'm french.

  9. Excellent work!
    I've been watching some phones MTK6575 processor, this is one of them.
    Recently I met another terminal: Jiayu G2, but I have not found much information or reviews to talk about their performance, as their technical specifications are interesting.
    This is the official website:

    That model MTK6575 recommend???
    there is a chance for you to make a review on this phone (Jiayu G2)?, could check the WCDMA 3G support at frequencies 850/1900 Mhz?

    Thank you!

    JuanK Correa.

  10. Dear Colonel Zap,
    Very interesting Blog, congratulations.
    I have a question after checked blog and google. How I could load recovery (and what) in Zopo 100 pilot in ICS?
    Thnals in advance.

  11. Hi Colonel,

    First of all, thank you for helpful blog. I have been following this from last few months. My Zopo Pilot (ZP100) came with ICS so I decided to downgrade it to Gingerbread. But when I did that, my touch screen stop working. Display is ok but the touch screen Digitizer) is not working...any idea. I think it is not a hardware issue???? What do you think?? Any solution???

    Thanks a ton in ADV.

    1. Thanks :-)

      If your touchscreen stopped working right after you flashed the new firmware than I am pretty sure it's a firware problem, not a hardware problem.

      Solution? Try to find a firmware that works for your phone, maybe you can find one there?

      Sorry, that's the best I can tell you.

    2. Thanks Colonel for quick reply, I appreciate it.

      I'll look around for some suitable firmware. By the way the firmware I used for downgrading, was downloaded from above mentioned site.

      Anyways, I'll Google it and post the updates (Hope I'll found one)....

  12. Servus Herr Colonel!
    Ausgezeichnete Info hier - many, many thanks. A quick question about the ZP100: how do we fool Google Play into allowing Zp100 to receive some of the applications it forbids? As in "Alps ZP100: This item is not compatible with your device"? Ideen? Einsichten? Vorschläge? Gibt's ein Trick?
    NYC NY

  13. Hi bruce :-)
    Check this out:

    I know it's all German, maybe google translate can help you. You are looking for the "Market-fix" part.

    I haven't tested it but I've heard it's working.