Wednesday, July 4, 2012

M100 Google 4S - Star W007 Android Dualsim ICS Review Videos - iPhone look-alike?

English video:

German video:

Omega / iLauncher Demonstration:

The Phone: CLICK


Dual sim / dual standby

3.5 inch capacitive 5-Point multi touch screen

Display 320x480 pixel

MTK6575 CPU @ 1GHz

512MB RAM / ROM: 500MB + 2GB available

Quadband (GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900), 3G / UMTS
Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, AGPS, G-Sensor, proximity sensor, light sensor, Dual cameras, 2MP output with LED flashlight and a VGA front camera.

I installed the SPB Shell 3D launcher and the Espier Launcher.

Games in: this video

Asphalt 6
Ground Effect Pro
Running Fred


  1. Hey would this phone be worth getting over the thunderbird? Main reason I want is I like the look of the iPhone but I want android. This doesn't have all the themeing like iPhone which I like. But it has the plastic frame which I don't. Also it doesn't have the same screen. What would you suggest? Also could you suggest any 3g 4.0 phones?

  2. Looks good, should be a nice upgrade to my M99. Thanks for the review.

  3. Hi Colonel, do you know if the connector is iPhone compatible ? Look like, but I'm not 100 % sure. Interesting is the inscription on the box reverse : "Design by Apple in California" ! Thanks

    1. I have the M99 and the cable is indeed compatible with an iPhone one, so I'm sure the M100 will be too.

    2. Thank you ! Do you think that a iPhone car charger will be compatible too ?

    3. Well, I assume the car charger uses the same connection as other charges so yes...

  4. Would an iPhone cover fit on this thing?

  5. I have this phone. I'm very happy with it, except that my proximity sensor doesn't work. I see how you check it in the video and works pretty good, you put yout hand over and the screen off and block. In my phone the proximity sensor red ligths on like yours in the video, but not works during call. Did you get trouble when you made this video? Do you know any way to recalibrate the proximity sensor?

    1. Here is something you can try:

      Boot into the Factory Mode by pressing Power and Vol down. There you'll find Item Test, there is a "PS Calibration".

      Let me know if that worked for you and good luck!

    2. Great! It worked perfectly. Thanks a lot for the tip.
      I did a lot of previous google search about this issue, but I couldn't find something as simple and effective as your idea.
      In the calibration you only has to put the hand at the proper distance and the calibration made it itself, Then restar the phone and now works very well during calls.

      Thanks again.

  6. Are the same phone the M100 Google 4s and the Star W007??

    1. Yes, I have the W007 andi, it is the same as this video review.

  7. hey colonel, ive rooted my phone but, since then, i've been expecting some troubles, is there any way to unroot it? thanks