Wednesday, August 29, 2012

HDC Galaxy SIII i9300 MT6575 Dual Sim Racing Games Test - Samsung S3 Copy Clone?

The Phone: CLICK

Games in this video:

Shine Runner

Raging Thunder II

Ricky Carmichael's Motocross Matchup Pro

Real Racing 2

Jet Car Stunts

Epic Truck

Hardcore Dirt Bike

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

Newman Newsmy Newpad T3 Android ICS Tablet Gaming Performance Test - RK2918

The Tablet: CLICK

7 inch capacitive 5-point multitouchscreen, 800x480 pixel resolution
Rockchip RK2918 CPU @ approx. 1HGz
8GB / 512 RAM
Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)
Wifi / g-sensor

Games in this video:
Rollercoaster Rush New York
Running Fred
Trial Extreme 2
Wind-up Knight
Turbofly 3D
Air Attack HD
Temple Run
Trouser Trouble


This is just a test, never mind ;-)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

HDC Galaxy SIII i9300 MT6575 Dualsim Launcher Pro Testing - Samsung S3 Copy Clone?

The Phone: CLICK

Just a little demonstration how the Launcher Pro perfomes on this phone.

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Thank you :-)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Star W007 aka M100 Google 4S Phone Proximity Sensor Calibration Tutorial

The Phone: CLICK

Just a small video tutorial on how to fix / calibrate the proximity sensor on this phone. I hope it'll help some people.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

HDC Galaxy S3 i9300 Android MT6575 Gaming Test - Samsung SIII GT-i9300 Clone?

The Phone: CLICK

Games in this video:

Real Racing 2

Heavy Gunner

Running Fred

Trial Extreme 2

Wind-up Knight

Mario 64 (N64 Emulator)

Racing Moto


Dead Runner

Guerilla Bob

Pinball HD

Phone Review: CLICK

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

HDC Galaxy S3 i9300 Rooting and Play Store Fix How to Tutorial

Edit: Before you try this, please try this instead: CLICK

Just to make sure, this is for this phone: CLICK

All you need is this: CLICK

If you are using the flash tool the first time, a driver will be missing. PLEASE don't ask me how to install this driver, it's different on every Windows version :-( I already had the driver on my PC, so I can't demonstrate how it's installed, that is something you need to figure out by yourself.

Edit: If you are having driver problems, check out this as well: CLICK

Credit for the rooted bootimage goes to yiminghung
Thank you so much for that!!!

Edit: Download this: CLICK

and copy these apps into the system/app folder as well. Also change the permissions, this should fix the contacts / calander sync :-)

and remember,



This is the original firmware that I tested on my phone: CLICK 

This is another firmware somebody posted: CLICK
I did not test this firmware, I'm not even sure which phone exactly it's for! 

Edit: Alternative link: CLICK 

UPDATE: If you are having problems with your g-sensor after rooting, see what flavio molt wrote below:

1.just download this file. from colonel blog site ;)

2.then open it with winrar and extract only the boot.img
3.take the boot.img and replace it with the one in the flash tool directory
4.then flash it using flash tool( just like you did with colonel zap instructions)
5.Switch on and off your auto rotation on display settings.( sometimes needed)

Here's the trick to get rooted and solved the problem with g-sensor
1. Root your phone using colonel zap instruction using downloaded files from his site

2.Follow the instruction above to solve g-sensor problem.

Hope this will work on you....
Thank you so much for that :-)