Wednesday, August 8, 2012

HDC Galaxy S3 i9300 Android MT6575 Gaming Test - Samsung SIII GT-i9300 Clone?

The Phone: CLICK

Games in this video:

Real Racing 2

Heavy Gunner

Running Fred

Trial Extreme 2

Wind-up Knight

Mario 64 (N64 Emulator)

Racing Moto


Dead Runner

Guerilla Bob

Pinball HD

Phone Review: CLICK


  1. Hi colonelZap,

    I watched your Hyundai A7 HD review, thanks for great review. actually, I bought 2 of this tablet for my daughters and they mostly play games. the problem is that the tablets only download and play basic games. most of the games like; temple run, fish cut and talking tom are not compatable with this device.

    Do you expereince the same thing or mine is not original?

  2. Hello ,
    Where did you get Gallery box 3d ?
    looks cool .

  3. I have this device
    But the problem
    Does not respond to two telephone traffic.
    What is the problem, how it can be solved?

  4. hi there! I got a nice mt6575 phone that looks like this one, but it's name is just "GT-i9300".

    the gps is active, but can't find any location (nor satellites at all), and it has some problems with google account as it can't sync anything with it...

    any idea?