Wednesday, August 15, 2012

HDC Galaxy SIII i9300 MT6575 Dualsim Launcher Pro Testing - Samsung S3 Copy Clone?

The Phone: CLICK

Just a little demonstration how the Launcher Pro perfomes on this phone.

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Thank you :-)


  1. Pretty Nice Video. Please can you let me know if the sdcard slot works on this phone.

    I ordered one from chinaecarts for 272 and the sdcard slot would actually scratch any sd cards you inserted in there. I had to get rid of it.

    I want to get the I9300 Plus. Will you be able to review that one some time soon ?

    Just let me know, I sent you something small :)

    1. Hi :-)

      The sd-card slot works just fine on my phone and yes, I'm hoping to get my hand on the i9300 Plus soon :-)

  2. Man...
    Really i need help...

    i buy this phone.

    but not work: 3G , GPS

    I can't fix this problem... u can helpme ?

  3. me email is :

    I hope in you..


    1. Hi :-)

      3G: I wouldn't know what to do :-(

      GPS: Try using A-GPS and there are also a bunch of GPS tools available on the Play Store (faster fix, etc.)that you might want to give a try.