Wednesday, September 5, 2012

HDC Galaxy P1000+ Review - MT6577 - Dualsim - Dual Core - 6 inch - Dapeng i9877

The phone: CLICK


6.0 inch capacitive 5-Point Multi Touch Screen

Display 480x854 pixel resolution

MTK6577 Dual-Core CPU @ 1GHz

512MB RAM / ROM 4GB - 2GB available

Quadband, unlocked, 3G / UMTS / HSDPA / WCDMA

Wifi, Bluetooth, G-Sensor, GPS, A-GPS, g-sensor, proximity sensor

Main camera: Autofocus, 8MP output, LED flash

Front camera: VGA


Games in this Video:

Shine Runner

Granny Smith

Reckless Getaway

Ground Effect Pro


  1. Hello colonel,..thanks for the video,..i appreciate your time and effort,....maybe you can do a video review of the STAR N9880 6 inch screen with MTK 6577 from fastcardtech too, compare with the HDC GALAXY p1000+ N9877,...i'm interested in the better of these 2 big phones

    Also,.what do you think about the screen resolution of the P1000+ n9877,..the 854x480, your own opinion...thanks once again

    1. Thanks :-) I just looked at the STAR N9880, I have the feeling it's identical, it just looks a little different? ;-)

    2. The STAR N9880 has a higher benchmark score compared with the P1000+ N9877,..and i think it looks more attractive than the P1000+ N9877,..especialy the white color of the N9880,..the N9880 has a 3000Mah battery while the P1000+ has a 2800Mah battery,..and the N9880 is cheaper,..i'm just curious,..thats why i want your advice :-)...thanks

    3. Hi :-) I really can't tell you, I never had the Star N9880 in my hands, so I really don't know if it's identical, better or worse.

    4. ok,..thanks for your time :-)...i think i will risk my buck on the STAR N9880.

    5. Sure, why not? :-) Where did you see that the Star scores higher on benchmark tests?

    6. its on the page for the N9880 on fascardtech website-

      The STAR N9880(6577) scores 5728 in benchmark score,..the P1000+ N9877 scores 5338 on fastcardtech website,..but i can see that the P1000+ N9877 you used for your video scored higher 5540

    7. O.k., I see :-)

      Those benchmark scores don't REALLY say much about the actual performance but of course the higher, the better :-) If you run them 10 times, you'll get 10 different results, sometimes higher, sometimes lower but usually within a certain range.

    8. Apart from that,..fascardtech actualy sent me the video of the benchmark test they carried out on the STAR N9880 (6577),..The video is not yet uploaded on the Star N9880 page on their website

    9. what do you think about the screen resolution of the P1000+ N987 (854x480), it good enough physicaly?,..thanks

    10. It's definitely not the greatest resolution for such a large screen but it's o.k., could be better of course.

    11. Okay,..thanks for your time :-)

  2. Hello

    Could you please post a video on how to root this device?

  3. Instructions to root this would be helpful

  4. Hi, I just received my phone (it was sold to me as Dapeng i9877). I can't seem to get root going on this. I've tried making an myself. (You can go into recovery by holding power and volume up), however I do not have the scatter.txt and don't know how to make it

  5. HI Colonel ZAP,
    I checked out a few of your reviews when deciding to purchase on of these clone phones and they were very helpful :)

    I'm now wondering if you have any insight on an issue I'm having. I purchased the i9300 Galaxy SIII HDC PRO- MT6577 version. First of all the site said that it was dual sim, however when i got it, it only had one micro sim slot. But my real issue now is that the phone is frozen on the "Samsung" screen that shows up when you turn it on. When I hold down the power button it won't turn off. It just stays frozen on the same screen.

    I contacted the tech support of the company i bought it from and their initial response was less than kind. They later responded back and offered me a rom for an update (also to apologize for the rude response :) ). I don't think this is going to be helpful for a phone that won't even open! Is there any information you can offer regarding the freezing issue I described? Otherwise I want to go through with returning this phone back to them.

    1. Hi and I am sorry to hear that. I don't know your phone, so I can just "shoot in the dark". take out the battery, put it back in and somehow try to boot into a recovery mode. USUALLY by pressing and holding the power button and a volume key (up or down). If that doesn't work, you can also try these combinations while having the phone connected to your pc via data cable.

      If you can somehow get into the recovery mode, try to do all wipes you can find, maybe there is also a factory reset option.

      If all of this fails, then flashing a new firmware is the last option.