Saturday, March 16, 2013

How is the battery life of the…

…is probably the questions I've been ask the most when it comes to my phone reviews. 

What people really mean is: "How long does the battery last before the phone needs to charged again"

I can totally understand that this is an important issue but I never really know how answer it?!?

Here's the problem: The standby time depends on COUNTLESS factors, it can be extremely short but it can also be quite long, depending on what you do with the phone, what the settings are, what the (external) conditions are.

Here are SOME factors that influence the "battery life":

- Screen brightness. Is it set to minimum, maximum, auto brightness or something in between?

- Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G or 2G data connection. Are the on or off? Are they only on when used?

- Signal strength. How good or bad is your Wifi / 2G / 3G signal? Does your phone have to "fight" all the time to get a reception or is the signal strong?

- Any kind of push services: Are you updating data constantly? Mails, Whatsapp, weather forecasts, facebook, twitter, etc.?

- What are you doing with your phone? Are you watching high-res videos? 3D-gaming?

- Is your phone going into a "deep sleep" when not in use or is some app maybe waking it up regularly?

- How many charging cycles has the battery gone through, has it developed its full potential, yet?

Bottom line: All these thing and probably many more factors have a MAJOR influence on how long a charge will hold, I am SURE I can drain a battery in an hour but it might also last several days, always depending on the circumstances.

So, what do I tell people when being asked about the "battery life" of a phone? I really don't know!  

What's "normal usage" to me might be completely different from what's "normal usage" to somebody else, my Wifi / GSM / 3G signal strength might be completely different from yours, etc.

Do you see my dilemma?

Here's a good example of what I mean: The following screenshot was taken on my Goophone i5 N2. I've read several times that people are complaining about a "weak battery" this phone has IN THEIR EYES. Well, not from my perspective, I can't complain at all :-)


  1. Da gib ich dir voll recht! Der Akku ist wie bei jedem Handy! Logischer schluß: Desto mehr Gebrauch, desto mehr Akku Verbrauch!

    Bei mir hält das Phone je nach Gebrauch meist 2 tage danach muss ich laden! (Mein iPhone 4 musste ich auch in der zeit wieder laden!)

    Ach ja und ich kann in der Arbeit vergleichen mit einem Samsung Galaxy S3.
    Wenn mein Kollege und ich gemeinsam zur Arbeit gehen und so ca den selben Akku stand haben gehen wir auch meist mit dem selben Akkustand nach hause!
    ( wir Spielen meist gegeneinander auf unseren Phones da ist WIFI auch immer eingeschaltet! und Beide müssen wir meist zu gleich zum Ladegerät in der Arbeit greifen!)

    Also Ich finde den Akku toll den er hält nicht weniger lange als ein Akku von nem ca.700€ Handy

    1. Hi :-)

      So isses! Nur was soll ich antworten, wenn ich danach gefragt werde? 1 Stunde bis 6 Tage? ;-)

      Die "Wahrheit" liegt irgendwo dazwischen :-)

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