Monday, April 29, 2013

Zopo ZP980 New Firmware / ROM from 2013-04-22

The firmware can be found here: CLICK

If you have any findings what has changed / improved, please let us know. Thanks :-)


  1. Hi my colonel,

    This seems optimized.
    I've mine since Monday.
    It's really beautitul.
    Should we flash the new firmware?
    After a few days of use, I found some malfunction.
    - green screen when opening the camera. (disappears after reboot phone)
    - Autofocus isn't silent. Seems mechanical.
    - Too frequent loss of the third button (bottom right phone)
    (disappears after lock./unlock)

    Have you heard of these problems?

    1. Hi :-)

      I've read some SOME people seem to have a problem with 3G in one of the sim slots with certain service providers, so right now I am not sure if it's a good idea to upgade to this firmware? I don't have that problem with my provider, so I can't confirm this.

    2. Hi Anonymous above & ColonelZap :)
      Had the mentioned problems 1:1 and some more.
      Loss of third button and loss of connection (not only data) with E-Plus in Germany even with 20130412 (what is the OTA-update based on stock-20130410).
      Better wait until new rom and some tests and stay at 20130410 at the moment.
      Best regards

  2. Good Idea.
    Stay with 20130410. Its the most stable for Germany.
    Had also only problems with the other ones.

    Best regards

  3. where can I get the 20130410 ? Problems with Eplus (UMTS/HSPA) with 20130412 (Loosing Connection)


      Post #3 5)

  4. hi friend, i've got a zopo c2, this is compatible?

    1. Hi :-) I wouldn't try! As far as I know there are two different hardware versions of the C2 out there, you need to find the right firmware for your version. Try to look on the zopo homepage or on for a firmware for your phone.