Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mlais Note Pro - MT6592 5.5" HD 2GB Ram 16GB Rom NFC 5/14MP Cams

New MT6592 phone from Mlais. Price: 996 yuan (160 USD).

Note red rice is not listed, are engaged in an appointment time, cost brand name beauty Lai Shi Internet phone . Today 's official website claims emerged Note Pro The eight-core 5.5 -inch True , in terms of configuration and design work should be much better than the above red rice Note.

Mei Lai Shi Note Pro uses 1.7G true eight -core , 5.5 -inch high-definition 1280 * 720p HD resolution , OGS full fit Gorilla glass, built- 2G RAM +16 G Storage portfolio , with 5,000,000 +1400 megapixel camera . It is worth mentioning that there is a gyroscope , NFC Near Field Communications , fingerprint recognition and other high-end features are optional. Another view from the overall design , the appearance of a US- Lai Shi independent design appearance, slim line design throughout the flow , the thickness of only 7.5mm. On the whole the feeling will be more stylish grade.

Mei Lai Shi brands with more than eight years of his own official website forum , accumulated more than 100 million members . Member reach hundreds of thousands of loyal fans , the current domestic mobile phone brand in the small celebrity, but also get a lot of phone enthusiasts chasing sticks . It is understood that the United States and Lai Shi main business is export outside the single , most phones are sold abroad. This year the main domestic market , to seize more market share. Mei Lai Shi rely on its own strengths, can get the advantage of the supply chain , and laid a solid foundation. Which beauty Lai Shi Note Pro was recently sent to the Ministry of detection, is expected to end by the end of April to get into the net to get a permit us to wait and bar , and interested friends can phone the official website of the United States and Lai Shi dynamic , but also You can add a micro-channel direct friends to search Lai Shi Mei .
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阻击红米Note 美莱仕推出996元Note Pro版 mtksj

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